Query doesn't return information about some cards



I’m trying to query the following endpoints for information about a specific card:


Now, I know for a fact that the card exists yet all of those endpoints return an empty result set, what could be the reason? is there some other card type that is not currently supported through the api?


Hi @dimapv,

I quickly ran “/0/accounts/xxxxxxxxxxx/cards/app_download” request with your account ID and a card was successfully returned. Can you provide the exact request that you are using?


Hey @jillblaz - I’d like to send you the exact request but it contains customer data (it’s not for my app), how can I message you directly?


@dimapv Can you first post the request here anonymized? If I can’t troubleshoot it without the account specifics, I’ll find a way for you to send it to me privately.


Alright, I have a card which I know exists (https://cards.twitter.com/cards/yyyyyyyyyyyy/zzz) because I can follow the url and reach the promoted apps itunes/play store page.

now, I use the accounts/:account_id/cards/image_app_download endpoint (also tried the other 3 available endpoints listed above) with the card_ids parameter being just zzz (card_ids=zzz) and i’m getting 0 results (total_count=0) and “data” field is empty.

other cards for the same user/account work perfectly so i’m guessing it’s not an access/permissions issue. what could be the reason?



@dimapv Ok, since you can access other cards but not this particular one, I should take a look at this particular instance. Please follow @adsapi on Twitter and I’ll contact you there!


done, waiting for a dm