Queries on Authorization process


When we integrate twitter to twit through our appication, generally we follow below steps:

1.Get Request token.
2.Build URL in our application by attaching received request token, like, http://api.twitter.com/auth/authorize?oauth_token=<<received token in step #1>>
3.Copy generated URL in step #2 in another browser screen and get PIN with your Twitter credentials.
4.Now copy generated PIN and enter that PIN in our application to generate access_token.
5.Now save this access token for logged-in user for twit on twitter.

Our query: Can we remove the manual steps #3 and #4 as listed above from process? and can we do this using API? So user doesn’t have to manually copy paste url and PIN to generate access_tocken.

Though it is one time process for a user, we don’t want user to authorize mannually through twitter screen and get PIN & manually copy paste that pin to our application. We want to remove this. can we achieve this by code?



Is your application capable of receiving URL-based callbacks instead of utilizing the PIN code approach?

If you’re specifically using the PIN code approach because it’s the most appropriate for your scenario, there’s no way to circumvent the user-mediated aspect of this flow – it’s purpose is to ensure that the end-user is in full control of the authorizations they make with their Twitter account.


Regarding the step4 mentioned above, Could you please specify where/how in application this need to be set.
Please advice.


My application is window application.


Is there any update on the above question?


My app is using AddThis SDK for tweeting. If I am giving OAuth based authorization, I am getting the Pin screen and the app is not able to proceed form there. If I am not giving authorization type as OAuth it is directly going to tweet screen after login.

How to get rid of pin based authorization with OAuth ??? What URL must be given as callback URL in case of OAuth ?