Python API stuck on api.GetFollowers


When im using this Function
api.GetFollowers(screen_name=“SilentFuzionG”,skip_status=True) //as example SilentFuzionG

It just stucks,
but when the user got less followers (about 5) it works
how can i manage to get that to work?



What gets “stuck” about it? Execution takes too long? Consider requesting lest results per response with the count parameter, then use cursors to fetch the remainder of the collection.


ok i changed it in the twitter api that it supports the count parameter

if count is not None:
parameters[‘count’] = count

and used it again with
users = api.GetFollowers(screen_name=“gallexme”,skip_status=True,count=10)
and it stucks again

oh and with stuck i mean that it just does nothing for a long time(i waited for about 1h)

and sorry for my english


still no success does any one got an clue?