Python 2.7 Flask Oauth failing starting today 2018-06-12



Our platform has been using the Twitter API for several years. We haven’t done any code deploys in several days. As of today, the Twitter OAuth process is failing with the error:

File "/home/vagrant/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/flaskext/", line 250, in generate_request_token
    raise OAuthException('Failed to generate request token')
flaskext.oauth.OAuthException: Failed to generate request token

Has something changed on the API OAuth process? This is failing in all our staging and dev environments as well which use different Twitter apps (so it’s not an app specific problem). Anyone else encounter this issue?


We’ve been making many changes and have posted our overall roadmap here Please review our announcement from May here, here and here.

You can fix this error very simply, by whitelisting all of your callback URLs in your app settings on