Purge Twitter Card Image Cache



Long-story short, we published an interview on our site and did not set a featured image (which is tied to our site’s twitter:image URL field), and therefore a fallback image was used. We did not change the image until after the post was published, but now unfortunately even though the twitter:image is changed, Twitter’s cache is still showing the old image.

I’ve checked Twitter’s documentation on purging the cache so that Twitter re-fetches the image, but unfortunately the recommendation says to add a parameter with a unique ID to the image file-name, which would require tech intervention and isn’t an optimal solution.

Unfortunately, it appears that Twitter doesn’t re-cache for 7 days.

Is there no other way to manually re-cache and re-fetch the twitter:image on the page? If not, would a moderator here be able to help me do so ahead of the 7-day window?

This is a fairly important interview for us, so the promotion is time-sensitive. Would be nice to have a better image than our fallback.



This looks like the image has now refreshed, or at least what I see when I Tweet the link reflects the markup in the twitter:image tag.


Thank you.


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