Punycode site in 'Callback URL'


If i enter my IDN site callback url:
in App Manager, i’m getting The client application failed validation: Not a valid callback URL format. error.
Seriosly, it`s almost 2017 now and still there are services with punycode-related problems…:confused:

Unable to add callback url with native (non latin) domain name

There’s a workaround in this post.


I encountered the same problem, my callback url does not pass the validation. Also in the documentation, I read: “Starting June 12th, 2018, we will require that any callback URL” with the help of this endpoint will be on whitelisted within the app settings on apps.twitter.com "
I do not understand how to implement the solution given in this post. Give an example please


@bldm95 - The workaround that @andypiper originally pointed to will no longer work with the launch of the new Callback URL requirements, as you have to whitelist your callbacks used with that endpoint form apps.twitter.com now. I don’t believe there is a workaround for this anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.