Pulling RTs and Likes from beyond 3200 tweets



I am trying to sort the tweets of an account with over 3200 tweets by popularity (i.e. beyond basic online apps). I downloaded the tweet archive but it doesn’t contain RTs and Likes/Favs. However, in the spreadsheet it has the link (and hence the tweet number can be drawn out easier) so I should be able to run an excel macro that calls up an app and puts the RTs and Favs in the spreadsheet in another column. Does anyone know how to do this?

Is there an app I can run or need I build one? If this would take a lot of work, I’d likely be willing to pay a small amount on PayPal for this.


There’s no API feature to enable this unfortunately.


I’m new this. I’ve seen many apps online that pull your RTs and likes/favs from the last 3200 tweets. You can’t pull the RTs or likes from a tweet alone though. That is a little surprising.