Pull Twitter Ads Api




Iimmediate - Very Urgently Need Info
I have 2 questions below:

  1. When will receive the below Access ?
    We need to pull twitter ads using API. We have submitted our access token request in twitter developer ads but we didin’t receive any updates. I has taken more than 10days.

  2. Can we able to access twitter ads using temporary access token,Consumer key similar to apigee ? If it is possible thow to process … Need an clear explanation.


Thanks for your request. The team reviews applications for access to the Ads API on a case-by-case basis every week, but sometimes delays can occur due to inbound interest levels or team resources. We appreciate your patience if this takes a little longer than usual.

There is no way to access the Ads API using “temporary” tokens - the access is provided for individual whitelisted application IDs.

Also note that the initial access level will provide up to 5 OAuth tokens, so you should ensure that you apply for access for a test environment application initially, to avoid having existing user logins restricted for larger multi-user apps already in production.