Pull Tweets to the Website Automatically



How can i pull my tweets to the website automatically? As i post tweet on twitter, it should autometically show on website, like news or blog section is displayed.

Like on this website manual post are showing.



I don’t see any Tweets on that website. However, you can create an embedded timeline from your Twitter profile via publish.twitter.com, and then paste the code into your site for the timeline to display.


I am saying that i want to show tweets like that website post article manually from admin panel. How can i pull my all tweets to the website automatically. No need to embed each and single post separately.


Grab the URL for your Twitter profile.

Paste the URL into the box at publish.twitter.com

Copy and paste the HTML+Javascript code into your site, and the Tweets will be displayed on your site.

I do not see any Tweets on the website link you mentioned, and I have no idea what admin panel you’re referring to.


ok thanks a lot, solved my problem.


sorry for again, can i also pull videos and photos separately?? I have a page where i just want to show the photos which i post on twitter.


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