Publishing a tweet via API returns a tweet id, but the tweet is not to be found



When sending an API request to publish a tweet, I got a successful reply with a tweet id. However, the tweet is not be found.

Tweet id : 992588394151530


What language / library is used? Javascript for example, has problems with 64bit Integers (Tweet IDs)


The PHP library.

We send a few dozen Tweets by multiple users every day, but this just came to our attention.

What is concerning is that we get a fully succesfull reply, including a tweet id, as it is confirming it was received and published - then how come it is not?



What exact PHP library? - there’s lots! And what’s the full response from Twitter API? A successful call to statuses/update will return the full tweet JSON:

992588394151530 tweet doesn’t exist like you say. Is there an example of a valid response from Twitter API, where the tweet JSON is returned from statuses/update but the tweet doesn’t exist?


I know this is an old thread, but I have having the same issue now, sporadically though not always.
Did you manage to solve this?