Publishing a timeline on a site without @conversations


I’m trying to publish a twitter timeline on my clients website, of which I’m currently using the JSON method as it allows more customization.

However the client doesn’t want to show conversations with other accounts (ie @signs etc) whilst only pulling 1 tweet from their userID. And another gripe is with using the JSON, if i’m only counting 1 tweet before it’s filtered, i can end up with no tweets showing. Does anyone know a way to do this, or using a better method than JSON? I am not a developer so if anyone can help i’d much appreciate it.


The [node:56] method has a few options on it that will help you out. First, you’ll want to ask for the user_timeline with retweets. I would ask for more results than you plan to render and just discard any disqualified statuses.

This method supports an exclude_replies parameter, which allows you to filter out the conversations.

I would request the user’s timeline someway like:


Which will give you ~10 tweets, including retweets but excluding @replies, for the user @gsusonline.


I’ve embedded a list in my website. On my mac works fine, but not at all on my vps. Always get the same error message 404 about a callback respect a json object.
callback=TWTR.Widget.receiveCallback_1&clientsource=TWITTERINC_WIDGET&1316769488912=cachebustFailed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

What I’m doing wrong? And what can I do?

Thank you?


I’m not sure where some of your URL parts come from here.

What’s Are you using the widget directly from Twitter or did you get it from somewhere else?

Instead of using “@offtwitter” in the URL, you should just use the screen name without the “@” sign: "