Publish a post for nonprofit with a third party URL advertisement


We are planning to develop a tool to allow a user to show support for nonprofit organization while at the same time monetizing their support by getting paid by a corporate sponsor. The current terms of use seem to prohibit this. Is this correct ? If this is the case, can there be an exception for this nonprofit use case ?



What is the nature of the tool / sponsorship - what is being shared, and how?

It certainly sounds like wouldn’t fit with the terms of service, I’m afraid.


The original idea was going to allow an sponsor to add some text and a link to the post.

The nonprofit would be an organization that seek to do a public good such as awareness about a disease.

Since this is not possible. We are shifting to reward a user for re-posting messages from a non-profit and no advertisement text or link. The re-posting would be design to be manual. That is, the user would need to approve each re-post. Would these two changes comply with the current term of use ?