Public user_timeline access without oAuth


It appears that user_timeline requires oAuth which is crazy. I have a Wordpress plugin which many users install on their own servers, so it doesn’t seem like creating a Twitter App as some of the documentation suggests will work, since I don’t want to distribute my tokens with the plugin. I also don’t want to have all the plugin users create their own app. Is there any way to access the public (i.e. NOT protected) timelines using the API? I guess I could always scrape the public timeline on, but this seems ridiculous.





Hi Tim, did you find a solution for this issue? I too have a WP plugin which enables users to pull in their twitter timeline but can’t see a way to do that without each user ‘authorising’ it…


Same question here. I have some apps displaying a feed of a person, including Twitter, Facebook and other networks. I don’t see the reason why a user should need to sign into Twitter for this app to display tweets in that feed.

Application-only auth is not an option as this is limited to just 300 API calls/15 mins.


No, I didn’t end up finding a better solution than the one at here …

The upgrade worked, but not sure how many users are going to go through the process of setting up a Twitter App.