Public tweet to private message link not working with images


I’m trying to use the public tweet private message link as described here;

I’ve made sure the account privacy is set to allow anyone to DM me without my account following them.

It works when I create a tweet with just text and URL’s and the last URL is the:

(with my twitter user’s ID)

When I create a tweet and attach an image then the tweet just displays the raw link:


That’s expected behaviour as the Tweet can only have one “attachment” that renders, which is what the DM URL counts as. We’ve started to make this a bit more clear in the new documentation relating to the upcoming changes to Tweets, where we’ve mentioned a forthcoming attachment URL parameter. Unfortunately you won’t be able to do this (add an image and have the DM prompt appear) at the current time, and I’m not aware of plans for this to change, but I’ll pass this feedback along.