Public streaming connection limits


Currently we have a couple of dozen clients and we’d like to track a number of keywords/hashtags for each of them, using the /statuses/filter endpoint. Each client has its own OAuth token, but we use the same application (ie. same consumer_key) for everyone. What I am trying to find out is: I am allowed to make a connection to the streaming API for each account/user (ie. per OAuth Token)? I already read the docs, but it’s unclear if the connection limit is per OAuth token or per application or maybe there’s some limit per IP. I also know about the 400 keywords limit per connection and that would be another problem if I wasn’t allowed to make one connection per OAuth Token as each client will probably monitor a few dozen keywords.

I’d like to mention that I am trying this right now, I have a script which opened a few dozen connections to the API and everything seems to work quite well, but I’d like to get an official answer on this before we do more.


You should have a single open connection representing all of your customers – the user you connect to the Streaming API should represent your application, not an end user. See [node:14935] for some lengthy explanation on this.


Ok, but what should I do if I need to track more than 400 keywords? Let’s say each customer wishes to track 50-100 keywords and we have 50 customers, what I am supposed to do? Am I allowed to open as many connections as necessary, each tracking 400 keywords?


You just have to stay within the constraints – prioritize some users or some keywords over others, make use of the REST API for supplemental data…

Depending on your use case, if you needed more track terms using a third party provider of Twitter data like Gnip or Datasift might be your (paid) path forward.


Can you help me with these questions?

  1. I read that it’s not valid for Twitter establish more than one connection from the same server. Right?
    a. And if you’re a same server and application for different customers?

  2. I’ll have two Data Center for support High Available site.
    a. Can use a same application key and user key to establish other connection with Twitter? (I’ll have 2 different server in 2 different datacenter using a same key to connect with Twitter)

  3. I read that Twitter doesn’t have a specify limit to send post, but comments that send between 1% to 40%, and depend of the hashtag volume. Is right?
    a. If my request has a small volume, for example 100 tweets per seconds, I’ll receive all tweets?

  4. The hashtag or word limit to require to Twitter is 400, right?

Thanks for your help.