Public message from protected account



I’m currently using a protected account, as i don’t want everybody to view all of my tweets/pictures/states of mind…

1st question : I would sometimes publish some public message, especially intended to people (public persons, humorists, politics…) that don’t expressly “follow” me. It would be great to implement some sort of keyword or new symbol-tag to publish a message as “Public” (why not using “@Public”, or “&Public”)

2nd question : Why isn’t there an alert when trying to send a @reply to someone who does’nt follow you, as he’ll never receive this message?

3rd question : Why can’t we finely define which part of our profile is public and which part is not? for example I would only indicate my city of residence on my “public” profile, but I could share my whole private adress with people I allowed as followers… one checkbox per data would be great!

Bonus question, a bit out of topic, but anyway :
why isn’t there new symbols for new usages on twitter (eg. online polls with %tag, public messages with &tag, other things for “!” or “~”)?

thx in advance!
Nicolas GELJIĆ aka Tohris


I agree with you Nicolas, I am currently using a protected account and struggling with its limitations.