Public historical data subset for a research project



I’m working on a pretty cool research project, and I’d need some twitter historical data.

The idea is to build a tool that look for correlations between social media data (basically tweets) and consumer spending habits in a particular area. Once a promising correlation has been found, the second step is to apply a machine learning model for prediction, and measure its performance.

I already have the anonymous financial data, but I don’t know where to find an API or historic database of tweets for that period (6 months between 2012/2013). I’ve asked to Datasift and they kindly pointed me to their subscription plans (starting at $5K), which are far out of my budget as a personal research pet project.

Do twitter offer any student/research plan to acces the historical data. I’d only need to perform historical searches on Barcelona area, from Nov 2012 to Apr 2013 in order to create the learning datasets.



Did you manage to find an appropriate source? I’m looking for something similar for my Master thesis, utilizing twitter data to analyze M&A’s.


Any Advice!
I need a historical data for my research and just received a scary quote for $39,000


Does anyone have a solution for this? I’m in desperate need of some data I missed because I was unaware of the one week back restriction.

I used R to save Tweets about my subject in a timeframe. I thought I could go back a few weeks, unaware of the one week restriction… I desperately need the data for my thesis, in order to graduate. I don’t have any commercial interest in these data, so paying is not an option… I need data from march 2015 mentioning some dutch political parties.

Ideally I would have the full Tweets, but it would already help tremendously if I could retrieve the number of mentions based on a keyword. Is there any way a company, Twitter or application or smth could help me??

You will receive my eternal gratitude if you have the answer. Homebaked cookies negotiable ;P!