Public and promoted-only tweets via scoped_timeline API


The “scoped_to” param value “none” filters the timeline to show only nullcasted (“Promoted Only”) tweets. The “followers” value shows tweets visible to your followers (let’s call them “Public” tweets).

Is there a way to show both types, in the same response? Currently we’re making two API requests, merging and sorting the response, which seems inefficient.


Not at this time. If you wanted to get both, you’ll need to make at least those 2 API calls.


Thank you @jaakkosf!


Hey is there a way to get all promoted tweets for a random user?
I am new to twitter, and the documentation hardly helps… :confused:


For a random user? That user must have given you privileges to interact with his/her ads account. Otherwise you can’t. But if you do have privileges then yes, you can, if you have been whitelisted for access to the Twitter Ads API.


But whether the tweet is promoted or not is public info right?
Anyone can see whether a tweet was promoted or not on the user’s timeline…

does the API provide this info in any way? I just need to identify whether a random user’s tweet was promoted or not, not the commercial stats related to that tweet…


I don’t think you can see on the user’s timeline whether a tweet is promoted or not. If it is a promoted-only tweet then it will not show on the user’s timeline, if it’s just a promoted tweet it will but I don’t think twitter marks it in any way so as to know that that tweet was promoted by the user.

You can request information about a tweet using
I guess you could infer something from the source and scopes properties of the returned object. For example if there is a scopes property like

public 'scopes' => 
        public 'followers' => boolean false

then you would know that that tweet is a promoted-only tweet, because it doesn’t appear to the user’s followers. But I think that’s about all that you can find out.

Is this the right API for pulling my own stats?

Thanks a lot buddy! Helps a lot! :grinning:


You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile: