Promoting Worthy Causes on Twitter


So each month, there are multiple causes/charities raising awareness. Some users – depending on the cause – would gladly donate a few bucks for the cause – if it resonates with them.

I logged in to my Facebook account today & was immediately greeted with a message to donate to the recent human crisis in Nepal. First, I probably wouldn’t have been inclined to research the organization to support it on my own. Secondly, it was clear that because it was a trusted source (Facebook directly), my funds would more likely be directed in a way that would make it to the appropriate destination of purpose.
Therefore, in addition to having multiple users garner support or pledges to worthy causes, what about a centralized way of identifying the access point ie: a handle such as “TwitterAid” Operated by Twitter

This would 1) heighten awareness 2) increase trust in users 3) have a synergistic effect for other organizations trying to promote (since users would already have been familiarized with the cause).

Would love to hear what others think.


Thanks for the idea! We’ve actually blogged about our own response to the events in Nepal - and our @policy and @TwitterForGood handles post out news on these kinds of issues.


Fantastic! Thanks @andypiper for the clarification! I’ll start following those accounts. Appreciate the feedback.