promoted_video_views_100 returns incorrect values from the API


We are trying to get the insights for promoted_video_views for video tweets.
The values we get for 100% seems incorrect because they are higher than 75% views.
For example:
promoted_video_views_25: 56491
promoted_video_views_50: 50821
promoted_video_views_75: 45532
promoted_video_views_100: 60713

The endpoint we are using is stats/accounts//promoted_tweets in version 0


Hi @TaliDolev,

I’m not 100% sure, but maybe every chunk refers to the number of people that only achiven X%, I mean

56491 achieve 25%, but they are not the people included in 50%… (50821)


@TaliDolev @hector_borras This is related: Total Video Views lower than Video Views 100%