promoted_tweets stats endpoint problem




We are geting the reports from this endpoint

GET stats/accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets

In the request we are puting metrics data and we are geting error that some of the metrich are invalid. (“code”:“INVALID_PARAMETER”,“message”:“Expected valid metric”)

We are using promoted_account_follows, billed_follows, billed_engagements, promoted_account_impressions, promoted_account_follow_rate, promoted_account_profile_visits

If we use the line_item endpoint we get all the data but we need to use promoted_tweet endpoint.

We have checked the documentation at this link and this metrich are available on all endpoints so I do not know why we can not get this metrichs

promoted_account_impressions not valid for a Followers campaign?

Hi @esome! I’ve noticed the exact same problem. Please see promoted_account_impressions not valid for a Followers campaign?


@esome I also have exact same problem, however I updated @majoritasdev thread because it was old and I have similar scenario like yours! Now I am also waiting for an update! Please share if any of you have found some solution! Thanks! I’ll also do the same if I go for any!


Has anyone had any luck with resolving this?


@esome @mahsanamin thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the issue and are looking into it. For now, you’ll have to pull this metrics on the line item rather than the promoted tweet.