promoted_tweets endpoint missing data with segmentation



I’m trying to use the segmentation_type=PLATFORMS parameter with the stats/accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets endpoint but I happen to have a strange problem…

for the same promoted tweet with and without segmentation i get different stats - specifically “mobile_conversion_installs” is always 0 when using segmentation. why is that? is this not supported in the API?


Asynchronous segmented reports for promoted tweets missing mobile_conversion_installs

@dimapv Can you provide the full request and response? This may be related to the dates of the data that you are trying to pull.


Hi @jillblaz,

sure, here are the full requests:

non-segmented =

segmented =

In this case the non-segmented request returns ‘mobile_conversion_installs’: [11]
whereas the segmented request returns u’mobile_conversion_installs’: [0].

Let me know if you manage to replicate the scenario. Thanks!


@dimapv Ok, I was able to replicate. I’m going to get this queued up for our team to take a look into the code.


Hey, thanks a lot @jillblaz - any updates? a fix for this would be awesome, this is exactly the data we’re looking for :slight_smile:


hey @dimapv - I’ve brought it to the attention of the responsible teams here at Twitter. Unfortunately I can’t give you a timeline for when to expect a fix but it’s a known issue. I will update this thread when I have more info.


Hi @jillblaz, have you guys identified the issue? any other updates?



I’m having the same issue.
Any chance of it being fixed soon?


@GavrielPlotke I am following up on this one. I believe that the segmentation should be available now but I’m still seeing the 0s as well.


Thanks for staying on top of this.
Any news?


@GavrielPlotke It’s been accepted as a bug and a fix can be expected within the next few weeks.