Promoted Tweets and Site Streams



We have been using SiteStreams to monitor the interactions received by our customers. We manage to keep track of the interactions received by promoted tweets, which don’t trigger any event in the stream when they are configured not to appear in the TL, by tracking the first interaction received by the tweet and registering it.

So, everything has been working fine but we have found a customer with a promoted tweet that is showing data that does not match ours.

Some background on the issue:

  • The tweet is a promoted tweet that does not show on the customer’s timeline
  • The tweet appears to have been created on March 6th
  • However, the text of the tweet leads us to think that the tweet or the campaign it belongs to only went live on March 8th (International Working Women Day)
  • …this would explain why, on our side, the first time event we receive from that user, related to that tweet, is a FAV event on March 8th.
  • From that point on, all the events we receive are processed (all FAV, RT, UNFAV events)… but the sum of them doesn’t match what we can see on Twitter
  • The user has other tweets, not promoted, on March 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and they all have the correct amount of interactions.
  • No downtime has existed on our side in the period…the stream has been up during those days and we see all kind of events related to that user during those days, it’s just that, related to the promoted tweet, the first event we find is on March 8th.

So as far as we know there are no leaked events on our side, which makes us wonder if there may exist some kind of issue in the events sent through SiteStreams for promoted tweets… maybe it takes some time for the tweet to be online and the events of FAVs and RTs are not sent through the connections?
Or maybe an issue with the counters in the web (we have noticed this before in some regular tweets but not with such big differences as now, nearly 200K RTs in difference).

From our side, seems like all the events we received, were counted, so looks like the issue may be related to some events either not being received or not being sent at all … but the amounts are so big that it’s hard for us to think that we are missing so many events at once.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time!


@JvrBaena, apologies for a delay in response here.

Site Streams is in limited beta, so your company probably has an internal contact with us. If you haven’t resolved this yet, please have your team contact us directly. If not, send me a DM and we’ll sort you out.