Promoted tweet wasn't approved by twitter



Tried to play a bit with the api, and promoted some cnn article for fun (politics)
no impressions, and got mail after 24 hours that:

This determination is based on the following Twitter Ads policy:
Hate, sensitive topics, and violence

Tried to do this again with CNN sports article - got the same - what’s that thing? isn’t CNN a trusted domain? is it possible this is API thing?


Without knowing the specifics of the tweet/account, we cannot really comment more on why the tweet was not approved.

However, the Ads Policy team reviews API-created content in exactly the same way they review UI-created content, so the issue is not likely to be API related. I’d encourage you to create/test promoted tweets that are as similar as possible to what real promoted tweets from an advertiser would look like.


thanks @hwz.
To get more specific - Is it possible that promoted tweet must contain user-generated text?
for example I tried to promote this article (and in the api keywords field I added couple of related hashtags) - but no text of my own. just the image & title from the article. can that be an issue? Is it possible for you to explain why promoting this specific cnn-article can considered as hate, sensitive topics and violence? this is just reference to biggest pub in US…


Unfortunately we can’t comment more than pointing to and offer that you are welcome to contact the Help/Support for Ads if it comes to a ‘real’ ad and not a test one and you are disagreeing with their decision.