Promoted Tweet re-associaton



Hi all,

@JBabichJapan: In this thread, Can you pause promoted_tweets?, says we can dis-associate a Promoted Tweet using the DELETE accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets/:id endpoint.

I was wondering how do I re-associate the tweet to the line_item / campaign so it could be served again? I know I can create a new tweet with the exact same text and attachments, but the ID will be different, so do statistics (should be grouped since are the same text and attachments).

Thank you in advance!


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If you create a new promoted tweet in the same line_item with the same tweet_id, your created promoted tweet will have the previous id


Here is what I have done:

Create a promoted tweet.
Delete it.
Try to create it again.

I’m getting “DUPLICATE_TWEET” error.

I was wondering if there is a way to re-associate a tweet bypassing that validation.


I thinkg you’re mixing TWEET and PROMOTED_TWEET concepts, those are different.

The steps are.

1 - Create a Tweet
2 - Create a LineItem
3 - Create a Promoted_Tweet associating previous tweet and previous line item.

After this, if you delete previous promtoed_tweet, in order to get the same promoted_tweet id you should associate the first tweet with the line item


@hector_borras Thank you so much! I was misundestanding that difference.