Promoted Tweet preview with link (problem)




We have a problem with existing tweet preview.

Preview using params (GET accounts/:account_id/tweet/preview) looks OK.

Preview using id (GET accounts/:account_id/tweet/preview/:tweet_id) is without link(

Using Twitter Ads looks OK.


Thanks for reporting this issue. Tweet previews for existing tweets which contain a URL at the end of the tweet are impacted by the bug, and will incorrectly omit the URL. I’ll update this thread when we’ve put in a fix for this.

Url in tweet not showing up in tweet preview

Hi Helen,

Do you know estimated progress of this fix? I reported the same issue a while back. Url in tweet not showing up in tweet preview. Thanks!



We’re also seeing this issue with URLs that are not at the end of the tweet.


This bug has been resolved now, and links at the end of tweets should now be appearing as normal in Tweet Previews!

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