Promoted Tweet creation and wrong objection


Hi guys! I’m trying to create campaign with website card, and I’m getting following error during promoted tweet creation:

Steps I’m following:

  1. Created campaign, it has reasons_not_servable: [STARTS_IN_FUTURE, INCOMPLETE]

  2. Created line item, it has product_type: PROMOTED_TWEETS and objective: WEBSITE_CLICKS. automatically_select_bid is set to true

  3. Created website card with valid image

  4. Created tweet with status (simple short sentence) and provided media_id of uploaded image (same as for card)

  5. Trying to create promoted tweet, with tweet it from step 4 and line_item from step 2, error:

    Twitter::Error::BadRequest (Tweet : #{tweet_id} not appropriate for objective WEBSITE_CLICKS)

What should I change to create promoted tweet with website card?
Thanks for your help!


Hey @constantine_kit - have a look at our Objective-based campaigns documentation, that should hopefully shed some light into this issue.

Let us know if you are still struggling after reading that.


I added preview_url to status of tweet, now it works, thanks!


In step 5 , how do you create a promoted tweet associated line item. Because in the documentation I dont find where to put the line item id.


The promotion of the tweet is done using the API function below: