Promoted Trend Retargeting ~ API Support ETA



One of our traffickers has noticed that, in the Twitter UI, she can select Trends for re-targeting. They appear as Trend Campaigns during campaign re-targeting.

She says:

“It’s very similar to normal re-targeting but in this case the Trend that ran shows up as a campaign you can choose. Essentially we can re-target users who have seen and/or engaged with the Trend campaign.”

Is this a feature that will be added to the Twitter API at some point? I’d imagine it might be a new type of targeting criteria we could select for campaign re-targeting, or maybe campaigns with a different flag on them to signify that they represent a Trend?


Thanks for noting the feature, and the interest!

I’m not sure what the timing is for this (or if/where it is on the roadmap). But noting @jillblaz who can re-post here if/when there are relevant updates.

Thanks for building on our platform!


I’d be very interested in this feature as well.