Promoted stats api Segmentation per platform inaccurate for D-1, D-2 for spend


We’re pulling this api:

We’re doing the following:

  1. Use promoted STATS api
  2. Set “segmentation_type” to “PLATFORMS” to break iOS, Android, and Web
  3. Get the spend information billed_charge_local_micro

We get inaccurate data for the current day (D-0), yesterday (D-1), and the day before yesterday (D-2).

  1. When we pull from D-0 per the segmentation API it’s ~0
  2. D-2 is usually ~20% off
  3. D-3 is usually ~5% off

Can you address? The spend is accurate if you remove the segmentation platform parameter.


This is expected behavior. Spend metrics are finalized after approximately 3 days.

Please see

billed_charge_local_micro provides a real-time view into the estimated cost of a campaign. After three days, the official billed result will be available with the billed_charge_local_micro and billed_engagements metrics.

All billing stats are generally final within 3 days of the event (~99%), however we do process some spam filtering for up to 14 days from the date of the event.

Please note that spend metrics are not available for dates before 2013-10-10.

Segmentation api incorrect even after day 3