Promoted Accounts - No data at the line item level


Hi there,

Our initial question was if we expect promoted accounts to have a cost associated with them? The API doesn’t return billed_cost_local micro. From reviewing this post, : How to get all the spent data budget for promoted account campaigns? , we interpret that to retrieve cost for promoted accounts you must use lineitemstats which does make sense. However, what we’re seeing with the accounts we have access to is that those promoted accounts don’t have any data at the line item either. Is it possible that promoted accounts aren’t enabled for the active accounts we’re pulling data for or perhaps that it’s just not a promotion type they typically use?



I am not quite understanding what problem you are having, it might be best if you could try to re-post with very specific details such as which campaign you are interested in and what type of objective it has (Guidelines for Reporting Issues). Please know that all Twitter campaigns have an objective and product type and you should be able to the appropriate formulas for getting data at .


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