promoted_account_impressions not valid for a Followers campaign?



I have a Followers campaign for which I’m trying to get impressions, follows etc. as shown in the Derived Metrics docs, i.e. getting promoted_account_impressions, promoted_account_follows, but I get the error that these are not valid metrics, when the docs clearly state that these should be used for a Followers campaign.
Instead, I don’t get an error if I get impressions as promoted_tweet_profile_impressions + promoted_tweet_search_impressions + promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions, by requesting these fields instead.

So is the documentation wrong or is there a bug?

Thank you.

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Anyone? There is clearly a problem, either with the documentation or with the API.


Ahhh… I think now I also have the exact same problem that promoted_account_follows and promoted_account_follow_rate Metrics are not supported at stats/promoted_tweets level. In my scenario I also must need these values to be calculated at Promoted_Tweet Level.

However Note that the same above metrics works perfectly for stats/line_items so other option is to get these stats for both end points and use the values of promoted_account_follows from line_items level. However I don’t like this way and I think this metrics should be available at stats/promoted_tweet level too and as @majoritasdev wrote I also can not find anything in the documentation.

Please let us know if there is any recommended way ?


Ok, I understand that promoted_account_follows is not available at promoted tweet level now, although it should be. But what about promoted_account_impressions ?

Clearly there is a bug… Twitter Staff?



Ok. I’ve just realized that the calculus for follows at the promoted tweet level is indeed equal to promoted_tweet_profile_follows + promoted_tweet_search_follows + promoted_tweet_timeline_follows in the Ads UI as well, but follows for the campaign totals is equal to promoted_account_follows, and there is a big difference between the two (the ad in the print screen is the sole member of that campaign; no deleted ads there):

I’ve just posted this question here: Report stats data not corresponding to data in the Ads UI, and waiting for an answer.

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