Promoted Account and Line Item Relationship


I am trying to understand how Promoted Accounts (associated to an advertiser account) are related to line item. It looks like it should be many-to-one relationship between promoted account and line item but I am not able to confirm this.

My advertiser account has 2 promoted accounts associated with it. I created a Followers campaign through the Ads API and I see that it created a campaign with Product Type – PROMOTED_ACCOUNT on the backend. But I don’t see any association between promoted account ids and line item ids.

My question is how do I figure out if I can assign multiple promoted accounts or a single promoted account to a line item when I create a followers campaign?

API v1 stats for promoted_accounts?

A Twitter Ads account can only use the user id of its full promotable user to create a Promoted Account. Currently, each ads account can only have one full promotable user.

Since that is true, you should only need one Promoted Account per line item.

Does that help?


So for my account right now, I see one FULL promotable user (myself) and 2 other RETWEETS only promotable user. (When I do a GET request – I see 3 promotable users).

Is there a way to promote the re-tweet only promotable users when I create the followers campaign? Or is there a way to promote the re-tweet only users any other way?


No, retweet-only promotable users cannot be promoted through followers campaigns. Only full promotable users are eligible for those type of campaigns.

The retweet-only users can be promoted by ads accounts where they are set up as full promotable users.