Promote a specific tweet


Hello everybody, I have problems figuring out how to set a specific tweet ( i have th etwitter id) to a promoted tweet campaign.
Also, following the example of this page ( ), when it creates a line item, it sets a parameter called “automatically_select_tweets=true” that doesn’t appear in the documntation


@prueba88888 that guide is just incorrect, we’ll update it ASAP.

The overall process is as follows:

  1. Create your campaign using POST /campaigns
  2. Create a line item using POST /line_items
  3. Setup targeting criteria for your line item using POST /targeting_criteria
  4. Create a promoted tweet for your line item using POST /promoted_tweets

If you need to update any of these along the way you can use the corresponding PUT endpoints to modify them. If you need to delete any of these items you can do so via the corresponding DELETE endpoints.

By default, line items with no targeting criteria target all users on Twitter. As a result, its generally a good practice to create your line items and campaigns with paused=true to prevent any serving while you’re still building out your campaign. You can reenable them later when you’re ready by updating them through the PUT endpoint and setting paused=false.