Promotable Users vs Ads Manager Users?


When adding a user as an ads manager to an ad account, via the Twitter UI, they can access the account through the API, but aren’t able to promote their own tweets. This seems to be by design, and I’m presuming we’re supposed to use the endpoint “POST accounts/:account_id/tweet” for this case.

The users also do not appear in the ad account’s promotable_users, when queried.

My questions are: 1. Is it possible to make users (other than the account owner) fully promotable in the Ad Account? 2. If so, is one or the other way of having Ad Managers create ads preferred?



Hi @Will_Parker

Correct, ads managers can post on behalf of the promotable user via Tweet delegation: POST accounts/:account_id/tweet?as_user_id=XXXXXXXX

For a full explanation of how managers and admins work please see:

  1. Promotable users come in two types: FULL and RETWEET_ONLY. A given advertiser account can only have a single FULL promotable user and that’s the owner of the account, but can have numerous RETWEET_ONLY promotable users. Promotable users are setup and give consent to have their tweet content promoted through the advertiser’s account manager.
  2. We don’t have a preference! =) The open option is meant to be amenable to different workflows.


Thanks for the answer! We were able to get the method of using an Ad Manager working fine, creating promoted-only tweets on behalf of the account owner. If it’s functionally the same it’s all good.

So I don’t think we need it, but FYI I wasn’t able to find anything in the above documentation (or elsewhere) about how you would set up a RETWEET_ONLY promotable user from the account manager interface.