Profile widget not displaying tweets


We have placed the Profile Widget on this website:

Come to realize that the feed only shows sporadically. Sometimes it shows the most recent tweets and sometimes shows nothing at all. We are looking at putting this widget on several of the schools. But if not working properly we will need to rethink.

Anyone can help, I took the code from the widgets section of Twitter.


Hi there,

It’s most likely that this is a perspectival problem for you, as widgets like the profile widget have a limit to how many times they can refresh per hour from the perspective of the remote IP address accessing the widget.

What this means is that, while on the network you’re using to view the widget, you may have already reached your quota for the hour, outside users not on the same network as you would have no issues viewing the widget at all.


Wow, that is good to know. So if you have a network of 500+ computers, the ability to see that particular widget is dependant on whether the many times that particular (to the school) widget had been viewed. But each school was to have a widget, the times that school widget is viewed as it own. Not grouped with the other 15 schools? So parents coming from outside of the district would still be able to see the tweets.
Am I clear as mud?


Yes, clear as mud and you’ve got it right.

When you setup the widget, there may be an explicit option to set a refresh rate – you may have the refresh rate set aggressively and could better increase the chances that the widget stays functional by increasing the polling time – I imagine several machines at your school sitting with the home page of your school’s website open, all polling Twitter for the same data.

The long-term solution for this would be to have your IT department create a central place that grabs the “interesting” tweets to your school, then configure of your widgets drink from that pool of tweets instead.


Can someone send us the step by step instructions to create that widget? Currently is it not working on our site as well.

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