Profile widget does not work locally


Subject: widget no longer works when served locally
Description of problem:

  1. create a profile widget from
  2. grab the code and insert it within a web page saved on your local pc and the view it in a web browser.
    The widget will not load, It looks as if the file references the css as // and this would cause the browser to look for the css file at file:// when served locally and therefore fail.

Can anything be done about this? i presume its done this way to allow the widget to be served securely in which case would something like below be a suggestion to resolve the problem?

(code untested and just a suggestion. )

var twitter_host = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https:" : "http:");  // determines whether the protocol is http or https

and then 

else{s.loadStyleSheet(""+ twitter_host +"//",this.widgetEl)


The team is aware of this recent limitation and will release a new version in the near future that corrects this.

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