Profile picture not displayed in embedded Twitter Profile Widget



Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to
  2. Pick the option to display a Profile, and then an embedded timeline.
  3. You will get the following code:
<a class="twitter-timeline" href="">Tweets by TwitterDev</a> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
  1. Paste that code on your site.
  2. Although the widget works and the author info for each tweet includes padding for an image, there is no image displayed:

It seems like the issue is relatively recent. Could you take a look at what’s causing this?

Thank you!


Hi @jeherve,

Thanks for reporting this in such detail. I’ll look into this and see if I can reproduce it.


Same here. I discovered this problem last week on embedded timelines (not only my own) and thought it was just a hiccup in the twitter API, but it still persits.

It occurres both with the old style widget and with newly generated code through
Seems to be browser and platform independent.

Thanks for looking into this!


Hi @jeherve and @stammbonifatius. Thanks again for reporting this bug. I just deployed a fix. If you still have any issues with this please let us know!



It‘s fixed. Thumbs up for the quick solution.