Profile picture gives a 404



When users sign in with twitter on my app ( and when i store the profile pictures of the users, i get a 404 for the permalinks of the images.

What must have gone wrong? Is there a way to submit my app for approval? I have already added my policy url, callback url and my landing page url.

There was no issue like this for the first 20-30 users of my web app.


Does anything in here help? Original profile image not found

The image url you get in a user object from the API should definitely work. Do you have an example of a user object where the profile image url doesn’t work?


This is one example. As you can tell, i have mapped the data to store and retrieve easily.

"profilePics" : {
	"bigger" : "",
	"mini" : "",
	"normal" : "",
	"original" : ""


@IgorBrigadir I checked out the other question you have referenced to. I am using the original image. Also, it’s happening to more than one user.


I’d make sure that the user still exists, and that the image url is valid - it would change if a user updated their profile / header. Use users/lookup or users/show endpoint to get the new image url.


I know for a fact that the user exists. I will try the users/lookup and users/show api endpoint and get back to you today.

Thanks @IgorBrigadir