Profile picture and username does not line up with profile widget



On my website which is a wordpress site, , I am trying to use the profile widget but the profile picture and username does not want to line up! Ive tried to locate where the problem lies in the code, but I have not gotten anywhere, could someone please help? would be much appreciated! thanks!


i saw your twitter widget lines up on your site now. how did you fix it?


if you want to change the location of the content in the widget you have to change the javascript file, wich is on there server.
So if it doesn’t line-up you have some strange problem…

but as MsAJL said, it does line-up when you look on your site now.


I just got the same problem, I fixed it with adding the following to my stylesheet:

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {
clear: none;

This element might already be in the stylesheet (it was for me), so you can just edit the property.