Profile name link on the upper top left of the tweet not showing on tweets


The upper left profile @name link is not showing up on my tweets:

But it working on this tweet from Spinrilla

Troubleshooting steps tried already:


Missing on all my tweets.


I’m unable to reproduce this. Can you share the Tweet ID of an affected Tweet?


Yes it’s happen to all my tweets. Not showing my twitter name on the tweets. You have to be on the twitter app to see it,


We need it to look like Spinrilla twitter name “” in the upper left hand corner like picture.


This is not a developer platform question so there’s not a lot we can do to help. I see your profile name GotInstrumental at the top of the Tweet as expected. We cannot help with general app and website issues on the developer forums.


That’s not built into the twitter player card? Or does that need to built into ?


The card already shows your handle. I’m not sure what else you want.


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