Profile Metrics Available in API


In April we started adding new Promoted Tweet ad inventory on user profile pages. As we rolled this out, it was possible for metrics to not sum to the same results in our UI, due to the lack of metrics including this inventory in the API. Last week we released the new additional metrics that allow you to pull in the data around Promoted Tweets in Profiles, similar to in Timelines and in Search.

You can access the new metrics in our docs and these metrics will not be included by default, so your cost of queries will remain unchanged. The list of additional metrics you may now request includes:

  • promoted_tweet_profile_clicks
  • promoted_tweet_profile_engagements
  • promoted_tweet_profile_favorites
  • promoted_tweet_profile_follows
  • promoted_tweet_profile_impressions
  • promoted_tweet_profile_replies
  • promoted_tweet_profile_retweets
  • promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks