Profile level data: followers, tweets, engagements, retweets over time


Hello, I am working on a project for a client whereby we would like to pull down account level data from the API so we can connect to Tableau and create a dashboard.

Examples like followers, tweets, engagements, retweets over time. Is this possible? So far it looks like we can only gather data that related to individual tweets, not the account itself. The account does not currently leverage any paid promotion.

Thanks for your help!



These kinds of analytics data are not currently available via the API, I’m afraid.


Thanks Andy, what about from object:users?

This seems to include screen_name, followers count, statuses_count, and utc_offset




Yup, a user object does include those values.

You could construct a “followers over time” set of information by regularly checking back on those objects. However, that will not give you e.g. retweets and engagements as you asked in your original post.