Profile images


API v1 had a logical way of easily determining a users profile picture and selecting a size for it:

this was apparently deprecated for the completely absurd method described here:

so instead of being able to reliably reference a users profile picture given only their username, now i have to query their userinfo, parse it, then use string manipulation (this is the most outrageous part because it’s a potential breaking change that can’t be undone) to get the proper image? then i have to store this if i want use it later use instead of just generating the reliable url on the fly? seriously? please fix asap. kthx.


would also be great to have a predictable url to reference the users image by userid.


if anybody gets a work around to replace the V1 username based profile pic url that works for V1.1 that would be great - as a non coder I now have over 10,000 tweet chat profile pics that are no longer working :frowning: