Profile image URLs domain changed?


Hi there,

I’m not sure when this happened - I think a while ago - but it seems that Twitter has switched over from using the and domains for profile image URLs (as per to using and

Obviously assumptions shouldn’t be made that profile images will always be on a particular domain or have a certain URL but I can’t seem to find and announcement or information about this change. Trying to visit images on the older URLs results in a 403 or an “image contains errors” browser message.

Can you confirm that this change has happened for all profile images or offer any more info?



Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your question. You are correct, profile images are now exposed from, which should be seamless and reflected in the profile_image_url and profile_image_url_https exposed by the REST API. We have updated the documentation: [node:10796].

If you encountering any 403 or 404 errors while trying to access profile images, please make sure to update your user objects by calling the [node:10320] endpoint.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or issues.


Hi Romain. Thanks for getting back to me with an answer and for updating the documentation. Much appreciated!


i can not sett my profile picture please help me friends.


Please visit to change your profile picture.