Profile Image Issue On Phone


I recently changed my Twitter profile picture on my computer, and when I check it on my Twitter App on my phone I can see it has changed where the profile and bio shows at the top, but on my past or future tweets I still see the older one on the phone on the App, but I see the new one on the computer version.

When I check this on the phone but not using the Twitter App… for example viewing it via the internet version… the image shows with my new picture for all my past tweets, well it did when I finally refreshed it, but refreshing doesn’t seem to be an option on the phones Twitter App.

I have since signed out of Twitter on my phone and back in again but still the old picture shows for all my tweets.

Any ideas? is this a server issue and will it change overnight? or is it just me that is seeing this old pic showing on the phone while others will see the changed image?

I do believe this happened once before, and if I remember correctly I had to delete the Twitter Application from my phone then re-install it, and after doing so the new image at that time started to show on all my past tweets plus bio section, but surely there must be an easier way of fixing this.