Profile_country filter not working, has anyone got it to work?



Hi guys,

Glad to become a member of this community. I’m trying to filter the data I’m getting via Historical Powertrack.
I’ve looked at various filter and they worked all accept profile_country.
It’s using the ISO 3166 alpha 2 codes, but I’m getting the following error when querying - “Profile location enrichments not enabled.”.
Anyone has an idea why or how to use the filter (if there’s anything specific), e.g. profile_location:us"?

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The profile_country: search operator is only available for enterprise Historical PowerTrack if the
profile enrichment is activated on the account subscription.

If you think that your account should have this enrichment activated and you are paying for it, please get in touch with your account manager from your subscription contract.


HI happycamper,

Thank you very much!

I’ll check with our account manager!

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Hey happycamper,

Could I also post other questions I might have in regards to filters on this forum? Is this the right place?
E.g. there are some places where I’m not 100% sure about using syntax for querying.

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Hi @je_nicolo - yes! Rule syntax is always a great topic for discussion!


Thank you!! I’ll get back with more questions :stuck_out_tongue: