Profile banner image


On this page, the example result shows urls returned for different sizes, but there is no file type attached to the url - given that it could be png, jpg, gif, JPEG, etc, what should I use?

The page also mentions: “This method can be used instead of string manipulation on the profile_banner_url returned in user objects” - however I have yet to find a user object that returns “profile_banner_url”. It doesn’t exist in GET users/show, or at least not in the example JSON result. What user object does it get returned in?

Thanks for your help.


The image data returned will be in PNG format (I’ve updated to docs to make that more clear).

Do the user objects you’re requesting have a profile banner uploaded? I’m not seeing any issues getting the profile_banner_url when using users/show or users/lookup on users that have banners uploaded.


Thanks - I’m just realizing that it only returns the ‘profile_banner_url’ when users have uploaded it. I probably should’ve guessed, but it might help to add that in the docs.