Profil-Widget in iframe



I am using the profil widget in an iframe. Since a few days the widget causes problems because a click on a link in a tweet does not open a new window as in the past but opens the new page in the iframe so that only parts of the page are visible.

You can see it on my page: The widget is shown in the right column.

Is this an error of the widget? Can I change the behavior of the widget so that a click on a link in a tweet always opens a new window (_blank)?

Thanks for your help!



We currently do not have a param to specify link targeting on the profile widget. I have filed a ticket and this should be added in the near future. In the meantime I suggest using javascript to route links within the widget to open in a new window or appand the target=_blank attribute onto the links.


Hi Jason, thanks for your support. I am using the following javascript at the end of my page now and it is working fine. Now all links are opening in the parent window and not in the iframe.

window.onload = function(){ var anchors = document.getElementById('twtr-widget-1').getElementsByTagName('a'); for (var i=0; i<anchors.length; i++){ anchors[i].setAttribute('target', '_top'); } }



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