Product Cards Validator - "Invalid image. This image cannot be fetched"



I am trying to try/validate a Twitter Product card before adding the meta tags to the webpage. The validator is throwing the error “Invalid image. This image cannot be fetched” for the twitter:img:src tag even though the image URL is correct.

Here is the URL in the twitter:img:src tag that’s throwing the error:

<meta name="twitter:image:src" content="" >

The image is accessible at the given URL:

Is there something that I am missing?



It seems you need to use png or gif to validate, but I think jpg is OK to use … not sure why this is throwing an error, but I see it also with jpgs.


I am also having this problem.

@anand though I see you are using twitter:image:src which is not in the docs. Should just be twitter:image I think.


the image might be too small. i had the same error and i bumped up the image size to 600x600 and it worked fine.


It’s very strange, but I solved this problem by adding WWW to image url.
For example, caused an error. On the other hand, this url: was succesfully validated.