Product cards for 'pharmaceutical' products



we are an online clinic selling prescription medications. We have already added summary/image cards to our site. Can we use product cards for our product pages or is this not allowed regarding prescription medications, as an image of the medication will potentially show up on Twitter?



There is a clear policy for pharmaceuticals described here:


Hi Andy,

thanks for your reply. Actually the policy only refers to advertising, and we will not be doing any advertising as we are ineligible.

I was referring to the free use of Twitter cards and whether we can use the product cards on our website at all or will we get in trouble for doing so?



That’s a great point actually - I will check with the Cards team on this.


The use of the regular cards is governed by the same policy as regular tweets i.e. if it’s OK on Twitter then it’s OK in cards. However, if you are using the product cards to essentially advertise then you’re still going to end up in the ads category, even if you’re not using the paid / promoted Twitter Ads. With that in mind I’d suggest that you follow the ad guidelines for your specific pharma products and the UK (or any other target market) to avoid any issues.

Thanks for being thoughtful enough to ask the question!